About Leotex

Leotex is an industrial upholstery fabricsĀ convertor with a contemporary range of both modern and traditional fabrics. We boast over 30 years experience as a trusted supplier to the furniture industry. The head office and distribution center are located in Hilvarenbeek the Netherlands. From Hilvarenbeek our fabrics are distributed to customers in over 20 countries.

Our collection is developed by our designers with a keen eye towards future market trends. The production sites of raw materials and final product are locatedĀ both in Europe and the Far East, and are closely monitored by a team of buyers and production managers.

Mission statement

Leotex is an international textile trading company that provides unique and high quality fabrics to the furniture industry.

As an organization we strive to be trustworthy supplier and preferential partner for our customers in the furniture industry.
We are constantly working on the sustainable development of long-term relationships with our customers and we remain dedicated to increase our customer service and the efficiency of our distribution channels.

As an employer with vision towards the future, we value the personal growth of our employees and we want to provide opportunities to develop personal as well as professional skills in order to achieve our common goals.

Slibbroek 39
5081 NR Hilvarenbeek
The Netherlands
+31(0)88 5577888

Office hours
Monday to Thursday 08.00 until 17.00 h
Friday 08.00 until 14.30 h

Warehouse hours Loading / Offloading
Monday to Thursday 08.00 until 16.30 h
Friday 08.00 until 14.00 h